Transition services for youth and young adults

Transition services are designed to assist youth and young adults (ages 14 to 22) in transitioning from high school into adulthood. This usually includes moving to post-secondary education or employment and may include moving to more independent housing. Transition services assist in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to live more independently. Training is provided at area high schools, SEMCIL offices, consumers’ homes or in the community.

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Program Services include

  • Independent Living Skills Training – individual and/or group
  • Educational Workshops and Classes
  • Parent and Student Advocacy
  • IEP Planning and Support
  • Independent Living Assessment


  • An understanding of how to access and direct community supports
  • The ability to make informed choices and understand the consequences of those choices
  • An understanding of rights as a person with a disability and learn self-advocacy skills
  • A positive disability identity
  • Independent living skills


Transition services for Nursing Home Relocation

SEMCIL provides Nursing Home Relocation coordination services to people with disabilities currently living in a nursing home or other institutional setting who wish to relocate back to their own home or to the community. Staff can help consumers make decisions about the supports that will be needed and assist in accessing necessary services. SEMCIL staff can assist in locating housing, setting up home and community based services, locating assistive technology and addressing home modifications. Staff will also help to make sure that transition from Nursing Home or residential facility to the community is successful.

Independent Living staff at SEMCIL can assist in helping people avoid Nursing Home placement by teaching Independent Living Skills and locating services and supports to remain living as independently as possible.