New regulations of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) require SEMCIL to facilitate an informed choice and career counseling conversation with individuals working under a special wage certification.  Centers for Independent Living were selected by the Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED) to conduct Informed Choice and Career Counseling meetings to ensure no conflict or financial interest.

During the Informed choice meetings SEMCIL staff will ensure that each individual has access to and understands:
Their employment options

  • Methods to overcome barriers
  • Career counseling opportunities
  • Potential risks and benefits of their decision
  • Resources available to them

Regardless of the how the individual responds to the conversation – yes, or no.  SEMCIL staff will respect the individual’s informed choice.  SEMCIL staff will document the conversation and provide a copy of the completed and signed documentation to the individual.
Individuals who express an interest in exploring competitive employment will move forward to the next step: a support team meeting to discuss developing a plan to explore opportunities for competitive, integrated employment.  This meeting will include the individual’s current and potential supports to help them reach their goal, including local Vocational Rehabilitation staff, when appropriate.

If you have further questions and wish to speak to a SEMCIL WIOA staff please contact SEMCIL at 507-285-1815 and ask to speak to a WIOA Informed Choice team member.