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Disability Hub MN

Disability Hub MN ®

Disability Hub MN is a free statewide resource network that helps you solve problems, navigate the system, and plan for your future. The Hub team knows the ins and outs of community resources and government programs and has years of experience helping people fit them all together.


If you have questions about your options, the Hub is your starting point. For example:

  • What are my health insurance options?
  • Can I live where I want and get the help I need?
  • Can I work, or work more?
  • What happens to my benefits when I earn more money?
  • How can I learn new skills to reach my goals?
  • How can I be more involved in my community?

At the Hub, there’s no such thing as a wrong question. Whether you’re facing an immediate concern or planning for the future, they are here to help.


Hub staff are available by phone, live chat, and email. The Hub has years of experience helping people with disabilities and the people who support them. You can ask the Hub anything! They serve all languages. 


Disability Hub MN providers are the Southeastern Minnesota Center for Independent Living and the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. We work in collaboration with Senior LinkAge Line®, a specialty information and assistance service for seniors and the Veteran Linkage Line® which assists military veterans and their families. We also work with other local information and referral agencies to enhance effective and consistent delivery of disability-related information and assistance services.

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