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Local Officials

Local officials make decisions for counties, cities, towns, or townships. Examples of local officials include county commissioners, mayors, city council persons, sheriffs, judges, and more. Local officials make decisions on police and fire services, housing services, parks and recreation, public health services, public transportation and more.


Not all areas of southeastern Minnesota have every type of elected local official. Areas may share elected officials depending on agreements or maps. However, every county has a board of commissioners elected to office by the people. Below is a link to find your county commissioners. For further assistance in finding your other local officials, please reach out to us at SEMCIL. We are happy to help!

State Legislators

State representatives and senators meet every year during the state legislative session. During session, they make policies, rules, and laws with other legislators. These decisions are for everyone living in Minnesota. The legislative session occurs between January and May. There are two types of sessions that alternate each year. One session focuses on budgeting. The other session focuses on policy.

Federal Legislators

Federal officials travel to Washington D.C. to represent their people in the federal process. The federal legislative cycle has a schedule that is year-long. Your federal representative is unique to where you live. Minnesota has eight federal representatives. The other type of federal legislator is a senator. All Minnesotans share the same two federal senators.

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